Who are we?

Timuntu Travel is a travel agency specialising in organising responsible travel across Africa. The agency offers sustainable tourism, i.e. tourism that respects the environment and local populations by promoting ecological, economic and ethical balance between travelers, the populations visited and all those in charge of the organisation of these trips. Its objective is to make you travel through this beautiful continent, with an authentic perspective.
To go beyond the clichés and allow you to experience the beauty of Africa that is not usually shown to you.

Travelling with Timuntu Travel is to give meaning to your trip. Give you the opportunity to live a unique local experience and participate in the local development of the country visited. Timuntu Travel ensures that positive impacts are maximized and negative impacts minimized.

What does Timuntu mean?

Timuntu means “knowing how to be” in Lari (the ethnic dialect of Congo). For us, it represents a way of life in the broad sense. It is the equivalent of the African philosophy of ‘’ Ubuntu ’which emphasises’ being oneself through others ’.
“I am because you are” perfectly expresses the type of responsible and sustainable travel that we offer and promote.

We are now motivated by the desire to show the whole world the beauty that exists in Africa and which is very rarely seen through the media.

Our vision

Timuntu Travel wants to develop tourism that respects its environment and populations. It promotes a positive image to present the African continent through all its strengths and riches.

Based on a study we carried out with 250 travellers, we found that Africa’s image is not well received in the world. This image portrayed has generated stereotypes that are rooted in some societies. • Africa represents wars and disease • Africa represents poverty • Africa is dirty • Africa is a country

30% of the people from the interviewed panel mainly perceived this image following the lack of knowledge of African destinations. Indeed, we noted that the latter have never been to Africa and evoke certain stereotypes spontaneously following information gathered through the media.

This same study reveals a desire on the part of 93% of those questioned to discover and / or re-discover Africa, but in a more responsible way.

Mass tourism has caused many negative effects on the environment. • Overconsumption • Degradation of the natural heritage (nature, fauna, flora) • Degradation of cultural heritage (dehumanization of peoples, degraded sites)

During the pandemic we went through, COVID-19, we noted the positive effects of respecting the environment in which we live in and how nature is taking its place.

Today, Timuntu Travel wishes to educate travellers, local populations but also travel stakeholders about sustainable tourism and show them the positive interest in responsible travel.
Our role is also to transmit our knowledge of Africa and allow everyone to share the reality of the continent and to form their own idea about the country they are visiting. Timuntu Travel is committed to facilitating the exchange between all and the discovery of the impressive natural and cultural heritage present in Africa.

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  1. patterned

    I am reɡular reader, hoѡ are you everybody? This post posted at this site is truly good.

    1. Admin Admin

      Ahah, we are Timuntu Travel team!
      Thank you for your feedback and hope you will try a tour with us one day :).

  2. Emilio Makanzu

    Very interestant discovery this website ! I will recomend it !

    1. Admin Admin

      Hi Emilio and thank you very much for your support.

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