Our values

Timuntu Travel values lies mainly in the respect of its concept which is the sustainable tourism in Africa.

In order to be able to put this project in place, the expertise of Timuntu Travel has proven to be one of the keys to its success. Through its expertise, the destinations it offers, the travel industry as a whole but also and above all, the challenges of sustainable development, the agency provides a real plus.


Our passion

Passionate about responsible tourism in Africa, Timuntu Travel is committed to developing responsible travel in Africa. The agency is driven by authentic and respectful human values ​​which give incredible depth to your trip.


Trips that are not offered elsewhere

Timuntu Travel is dedicated to ensure that you discover Africa as it really is and as it is not shown to you. To bring you to the discovery of unusual sites unknown to travellers and sometimes even to its local population. The trips we organize do not only retrace the tourist sites, they highlight the local heritage which sometimes is forgotten and really worth recognizing. This approach allows the traveller to experience the present moment and make unthinkable discoveries.


Your African trip

The headquarters of the travel agency Timuntu Travel is based in Africa (South Africa, Johannesburg). Its geographical position allows it to travel regularly across the continent, to test the trips it offers you but also to stay in constant contact with all its partners. As they are based in each destination, this allows them to stay connected and to be able to intervene quickly if necessary.

From an ethical and social point of view, your trip is created and organized from beginning to end by Africans who know perfectly well the environment in which they live. They carry their cultures and traditions while bringing you their skills.

From an economic point of view, being based in Africa and having created the travel agency on the continent confirms that tourism revenues will stay in Africa. It also responds to one of the fundamental pillars of responsible tourism, which helps the continent to develop in a healthy and sustainable manner.


Qualified local partners native to their country

Before offering you these trips to Africa, Timuntu Travel has invested a particular time in finding the best local guides and partners to make your trip an escape full of meaning and memorable memories.

The selection of our qualified partners is one of our added values ​​that really makes all the difference. Our local partners who are based on site and who know the field like the back of their hands are 99% native to their country. This essential criterion gives a whole new dimension to the trip and makes it truly unique.

Another capital value, these partners share our values ​​and are also committed to responsible tourism. This reflects a real guarantee of quality and trust.


Tailor-made travel for all

You know exactly what you want to do, or on the contrary, you have no idea. One thing is for sure, you don’t want to be like everyone else. No problem, Timuntu Travel is the responsible tailor-made travel specialist in Africa. You could only give us your to-do list and we created a program especially for you according to your expectations. Whether you are alone, as a couple, as a family with or without children, don’t waste a minute. Let us guide you and organize your responsible trip to Africa together. Request your free quote.


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