Turtle project in Cameroon


As part of a marine turtle research and conservation project, a marine turtle rescue program was set up in Cameroon in support of the KUDU project, an ecotourism project.
Ebodjé is a fishing village and it was chosen as a site for the protection of marine turtles. A museum dedicated to sea turtles was built there. During the spawning period, from October to April, two fishermen patrol the beaches at night to transfer the nests and set them up in a protected enclosure in order to ensure the hatching of the eggs, otherwise they remain vulnerable to predators. They also have an important role in raising awareness among the local population about the protection of turtles, these and their eggs being, historically, part of the diet of fishermen.
Timuntu Travel participates in the reduction of the causes of mortality of marine turtles on the coasts of Cameroon by setting up marine protected areas and carrying out awareness-raising activities. Each traveller can take advantage of their visit to Cameroon to discover this project and contribute to improving the socio-economic conditions of the populations of the coastal zone.

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