Former kingdom of Dahomey, Benin has a very rich history of which the visitor can still see the vestiges. If Porto Novo is the administrative and political capital with its lively streets, and Cotonou the economic capital where banks and ministries rub shoulders with traditional single storey dwellings, Abomey remains the royal city with its richly decorated palaces and its large square where the Amazons, the female army of King Glélé. Further north, it is the flora and faunathat are to be discovered, with the Pendjari National Park and the Natitingou falls. Along the roads, forests of baobabs, mango trees and majestic avocado trees form an ideal canopy to refresh the atmosphere.

Why travel to Benin?

Cradle of voodoo, witness to slavery, ancientkingdom, vastterritorywhere nature ispreserved, Benin promises youmanysurprises! A precursor country of democracy in Africa, Benin has keptitsauthenticity intact. Moreover, the hospitality of the Benineseis no longer to beproven. Travelerslike to takeadvantage of theseprecious moments thattheyshare with the local population because the Beninese immersionisreallydeep. From the aridmountains of the north to the lagoons and the fine sandybeaches of the south, passing through the woodedsavannas in the center, Benin offers a sumptuous mix of Africanlandscapes. The attractions of Benin remainmagical:colorfulmarkets, villages bordered by lakes, sacredforests. Not to mention the influence of Brazilthatwewillfind in architecture and also in language. Benin offers you a rhythmicexperience in the heart of a stillunknown country.

Commitment to sustainable tourism

Organic farming is developing in Benin, and cocoa and legume plantations canbevisited. Travelers can participate in the purchase of equipment or products to help the survival of farms:cocoapowder, cocoa butter, cassavapowder, etc. They may be offered to participate in the manufacture of oil palm or peanut.
NGOs and associations take care of the sanitation of coastal or lagoonshores, the preservation of threatened areas and the education of the youngest, soitis possible to join a one-off action.

Practical Information

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