Welcome to Burkina Faso. Come and immerse yourself in Western African culture. Burkina Faso translates to “The land of honest people.” With a name like this, the country does not fall short of a warm welcome. The free spirited attitude of its people reflects in its diverse landscape. From vast deserts to sparkling rivers, and from luscious forests to impressive rock formations, this is a destination worthy of your Summer holiday. Burkina’s capital, the rhythmic Ouagadougou has a vibrant art scene. This is showcased through its impressive music scene, its impressive film culture and large scale sculptures. Visit the Bobo-Dioulasso at the Musée Provincial du Houët to see regional African art, batik and sculpture and then treat yourself to locally made leather at the boisterous Gorom-Gorom market.
Soak in the beauty of the landscape on the country’s hiking trails,via sacred rocks, mud mosques and the ‘African Pompeii’ and find yourself in the glorious presence of the Karfiguéla Waterfalls.

Why travel to Burkina Faso?

As a destination preserved from mass tourism, Burkina welcomes you with open arms and a smile on their face. This preservation of the country makes it so sweet and authentic. The country has a classified site of outstanding universal value. These are the ruins of Loropéni, classified as World Heritage by Unesco. Burkina Faso surprises with its diversity and discretion.Burkina Faso is home to West Africa’s last big cats and elephants. Its broad range of ecosystems also houses hippos, monkeys and a neat display of exotic birds. The Nazinga Game Ranch is home to 800 elephants.
In this melting pot of cultures, you will be able to witness an incredible mosaic of Burkina Faso’s ethnic groups, namely the Fulani, Mossi, Gourounsi and the Bobo. The generosity and human warmth of the Burkinabés is a real invitation to travel.
The best months to visit Burkina Faso are October to February, with warm daytime temperatures and cool desert nights.

Commitment to sustainable tourism

Burkina Faso is committed to sustainable tourism and is developing responsible projects benefiting the local population and allowing the preservation of the traditional and cultural heritage of Burkina Faso.Some projects help the rural communities of Tapoa to develop ecotourism. Others are organising to set up community campsites in villages, such as Tambiga. Located near Arly Park and other remarkable sites such as the cliffs of Gobnangou and the ancestral ruins of the village of Yobri, the campsite is currently part of the tourist circuits of Ouagadougou in order to promote responsible tourism in Burkina Faso. Twenty trails, with a total length of 4 km, have also been added to the three circuits of the Gobnangou cliffs, managed by the Association des Guides Biala, for trekking and observation of the colonies of Rüppels vultures and Lanner falcons who inhabit the region.

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