Cameroon’s cultural richness reflects the ethnic diversity of its inhabitants. In this country of more than 200 ethnic groups, Pygmies, Bantu and Arab-Berbers live together. This cultural diversity is illustrated in the art of living, traditions, habitat, folklore and popular crafts. From North to South, you can only be amazed by the type of traditional habitat that identifies each ethnic group. From the Bamileke hut to the thatched roof in the west, to the “shell huts” of the Mousgoum on the banks of the Logone, discover a multitude of dwellings each more picturesque. Here and there, traditional architecture meets modern architecture.
Cameroon is a destination still known by a few travellers so enjoy it. This destination offers incredible authentic nature, especially through its lakes and mountains, its lush savannah allows you to observe animals in their natural environment. And above all, do not leave the country without having tasted their famous Ndole and listened to the past anecdotes told by the player of “Mvet”.

Why travel to Cameroon?

Cameroon has not been too affected by mass tourism yet, which has earned it its authenticity.

Also nicknamed “All Africa in one”, it allows travellers to experience local immersion with the local population and discover a side of Africa that is still very rural.

The country is accessible all year round and the best time to discover it depends mainly on the activities you plan to do there. The climate is similar to the Sahelian type. The period between November and July is still preferable if we want to avoid the heavy rain season which takes place from August to October.

Commitment to sustainable tourism

Each actor of tourism in Cameroon carries its vision. And the majority are committed to the development of responsible tourism ensuring respect for populations, their rights, habits and customs. Tourism professionals committed to various local associations, our objective is to encourage the promotion of culture and heritage and also to develop the economy locally by involving the populations. The presence of our local partner allows you to have a broader vision of what Africa represents and in particular Cameroon. Through the cultural and natural diversity of the country, we want to dispel certain prejudices and show the African warmth that resides in this country through multicultural meetings.

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