You are welcome to enjoy: security, hours of relaxation, flavors, scents and the legendary hospitality of the Comorians. We tell you “KARIBU” in the Comoros archipelago, whether on the island of Anjouan, the island of Moheli or the Grande Comore. An atypical and almost secret destination, the Comoros is a volcanic archipelago located off the east coast of Africa, in the warm waters of the Mozambique Channel, in the Indian Ocean.
These islands in the Indian Ocean are home to features of astonishing natural beauty due to its insularity. These islands of the Mozambique Channel make you discover the riches of ancient civilizations, a great diversity of cultures and a reflection on the interbreeding of the Comorian people. Thus, this rich culture is reflected in the narrow streets of the Medina and its ancient remains.
Also called the “Perfume Islands”, this small country is a nature reserve with many perfume plants. The Comoros are one of the largest producers and exporters of vanilla and cloves in the world and offers you a real journey of multiple scents.
Traveling to the Comoros means traveling differently and discovering a little piece of authentic paradise, far from the crowds.

Why travel to Comoros?

Lovers of nature and the simple moments in life, the Comoros is the destination for you. Travel off the beaten track right in the middle of the Indian Ocean.To travel to the Comoros is to dive into the heart of an incredibly rich biodiversity and discover the meaning of ecotourism in Africa. It is discovering the natural beauty of its islands while being respectful of nature and its inhabitants. Meet the inhabitants of the different islands and share with them special moments.
Visit UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Royal Citadel of Rova Ambohimanga, or the iconic Alley of the Baobabs. Take advantage of the white sand beaches and their turquoise water to admire the still preserved seabed. Participating in workshops and ecotourism activities are opportunities to better understand the culture and daily life of Comorians.
Its tropical climate gives you the opportunity to discover the Comoros during its dry season, that is to say from May to December.
Discoveries alone, with the family or in small groups are ideal for discovering this destination still preserved from mass tourism.

Commitment to sustainable tourism

The history of the Comoros is an invitation to travel and a special opportunity to travel differently by placing people at the heart of the discovery of this archipelago. In the Comoros, our partners are engaged in solidarity tourism but also green tourism to take advantage of the sustainable environment that surrounds them. Focused on discovery, listening and sharing with local Comorian populations, the Comoros allow you to travel while participating in local life through an eco-responsible trip.The rate of endemism of terrestrial and marine flora and fauna is very high. That is why the Union of the Comoros places ecotourism at the top of their priorities. Diving in deep water is one of the favorite activities of visitors. It is true that the seabed is home to a rainbow coral and rare fish that move in bands.
These green tourism initiatives make it possible to raise awareness of the preservation of these delicate environments and to support sustainable development actions. Engaging local communities and young people in the development of sustainable tourism provides a truly memorable experience for visitors.

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