Egypt is one of the most visited destinations on the African continent. Mainly known for the influences that shaped ancient Egyptian civilization such as the Temple of Luxor, the Temple of Karnak, the Temple of Philae, the Nile Valley or the Valley of the Kings, Egypt fascinates with its cultural and architectural wealth.

Steeped in history, Egypt lets you discover its hidden wonders dating back to ancient times and invites you to follow in the footsteps of many past civilizations. Explore this country that is at your fingertips and benefit from the incredible knowledge of your local tour guides. In addition to its fascinating history and its incomparable architectural heritage, there are natural and magical treasures. Egypt is home to three great deserts, nearly 3,000 km of coastline, exceptional seabed and animal and plant biodiversity spread across the country.

Egypt offers the best beaches in the world such as Hurghada Beach, Agiba Beach, Gharam Beach, and Cleopatra Beach where you can indulge yourself. Visitors can enjoy activities like quad biking, camel rides in the greatest deserts of Egypt like the Great Sand Sea.

A trip to Egypt is first and foremost an exceptional archaeological adventure, but it is also the discovery of an endearing people and a land where life is good in the light of the desert. There is so much to understand, and even more to enjoy, when traveling to Egypt!


Why travel to Egypt?
Egypt is considered the most touristic country in the Middle East and Africa and it is an environment conducive to travel with great hospitality. The Egyptians know how to receive!Visitors wish to experience Egypt because of its rich and intoxicating culture, and for the many activities and historical sites that one can visit and explore.
Egypt is the ideal destination to visit for a vacation with family or friends. You can enjoy the many nautical activities offered on site, but above all exchange rich moments with the local population and share their culture. Venture into its immense desert to live an unforgettable experience. Navigate the troubling waters of the Nile Valley and observe all its mysteries.It is hot all year round in Egypt and the best time to stay depends mainly on your desires for this trip. If you want to explore in a comfortable climate and escape the hot weather, September to May is considered the best time to travel to Egypt.

Commitment to sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism in Egypt aims to foster economic growth and development and provide income through job creation and promotion of small businesses.
Egypt also focuses on environmental protection and conservation of natural resources in terms of water and energy use, which contributes to sustainable tourism. Egypt also promotes the production and use of local products in tourist destinations and full integration into the tourism value chain. Green tourism initiatives are adopted in order to ensure sustainability, to maintain long-term investments for cost reduction. The restoration of the Berber city of Shali located in the unspoiled oasis of Siwa is a good example. The village, abandoned in 1926, is located 560 km from Cairo. For almost three years, a government program has been launched to reconstruct the fortress and the main buildings using traditional techniques. Local crafts are encouraged to develop and visitors to come to this place far from the usual circuits.

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