Eritrea, situated on the Horn of Africa, invites you to explore her majestic land. Eritrea means ‘red sea’ in Greek with relevance to its geographical positioning along the Red Sea. Bordered by Sudan, Ethiopia and Djibouti, Eritrea is a melting pot of different cultures.The nine ethnic groups and nine languages shape the country’s unique history, its promising archaeology, its eclectic cuisine, its friendly people and its stunning modernist architecture. As a country that has so much to be proud of, Eritrea presents itself as a holiday destination to remember.
The capital city, Asmara has been added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites for its Italian colonial core, its ancient-Romanesque style as well as numerous offices influenced by the architectural movements of cubism and futurism. Being in Eritrea will make you feel as if you have stepped into a time machine and landed in ancient Rome. Here, you can delight in an afternoon of prancing around the beautiful city and treating yourself to Italian coffee at the cafés or pastry shops in between shopping trips to the local markets.
Not only is this African jewel elegantly decorated in palm-lined streets, Eritrea is blessed with natural beauty. Eight months of sunshine will afford you the privilege of lounging about at any of the beaches the country has to offer. Whether you are visiting to view the hosts of wild African elephants that lumber in the depths of the African Savannah or at the Martyrs National Park or whether you are diving with the dolphins to marvel at marine wildlife or simply cruising on the pristine lagoons of Eritrea, this destination has it all!

Why travel to Eritrea?

Eritrea is culturally compelling and historically intriguing. Asmara holds the most concentrated collection of Modernist architecture in the world.A large portion of Asmara’s historic area has remained untouched since its conception in the 1930’s. This is truly unparalleled.Eritrea is also home to renowned celebrities including actress Tiffany Haddish and the late rapper, Nipsey Hussle. While these celebrities are known for their beaming personalities, this is a mere fragment of the representation of the people of Eritrea. Despite not being afforded some of the privileges that you may be used to, the people in Eritrea have not been stripped of their ability to welcome visitors into their beautiful country.

Although there is no “high season” for tourism in Eritrea, as very few visitors travel there, the best time to visit Eritrea is from February until September when temperatures are warm and rainfall is limited.

Commitment to sustainable tourism

Eritrea’s potential wealth with regards to the sustainable tourism industry is untapped. Although the undisturbed and unpolluted natural and marine (fauna and flora) environment lends itself to being a viable option to explore for sustainable tourism in Eritrea, the addition of the city of Asmara to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites has drawn all the focus in this industry. There is a dire need to explore sustainable tourism in other cities such as Massawa and the Dahlak Archipelago as their potential heavily lies in beach tourism. Paying attention to these locations could result in a lead to positive changes in the structural and economic development of Eritrea.

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