Situated on the Horn of Africa is the one of the most ancient countries in the world, formerly known as Ethiopia.It is often referred to as ‘The cradle of humankind’ because of its possession of archaeological finds that date back more than 3 million years.While the country’s identity is grounded in its deep historical roots, Ethiopia’s true personality radiates through its breathtaking landscapes, its flavourful cuisine and its exquisite array of wildlife. Ethiopia in all her splendour stands tall on 70% of the mountains on the African continent and is split by the Great Rift Valley earning the territory its title as The Most Rugged in Africa. Its rugged topography offers a wide selection of sites that will allow you to view the country’s scenic landscapes and its diverse terrain. Whether you are exploring the dense tropical forests in the south or basking in the glory of the Danakil Depression, or whether you’re conquering the towering Simien Mountains or marvelling at the smoking Blue Nile Falls, Ethiopia is the perfect destination for a glorious awakening of your adventurous side.
The cradle of humankind also happens to be the cradle of the coffee plant. Legend has it that coffee was discovered in Ethiopia in the ninth century and has continued to reflect throughout Ethiopia’s history and culture. This comes as no surprise as Ethiopia also holds a reputation for being masters of flavourful cuisine with Injera being the staple food. The culture extends beyond the kitchen as Ethiopia is a melting pot of 80 different ethnicities.Visiting Ethiopia gives you a chance to attend any of the various festivals such as the Adwa celebration which is a true exhibition of a country that oozes with culture, passion and pride.

Why travel to Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is the host of an incredibly diverse ecosystem. It possesses a wide variety of vegetation, soils and settlement patterns. It also bears an abundance of natural habitats of a whole kingdom of wildlife, including the Gelada Baboon which is the world’s rarest ape as well as the Ethiopian wolf and the blue-winged Goose which can only be seen in Ethiopia.Being one of the oldest countries in the world, some of the oldest skeletal and archaeological evidence can be found in Ethiopia.Its National Museum houses some of the oldest fossils known to mankind. The country is commonly known as the region where modern humans were located before they first set out for the Middle East and beyond. Who would refuse the chance to connect with the place where it all began?
Although it is located in tropical latitudes, relief plays a significant role in moderating Ethiopia’s temperature.The dry season, which falls between the months of October and June, is the best time to travel to Ethiopia as it is perfect for outdoor activities. The rainy season, between June and August, although wet and humid, is the cheapest time to visit the country.

Commitment to sustainable tourism

While Ethiopia is abundant in wildlife, many of its species are critically endangered and run the risk of becoming globally extinct. With wildlife populations rapidly declining,the government has taken the responsibility of setting aside 20 national parks, game reserves , and sanctuaries covering a total area of 55,220 square km, which is about 5% of the total area of Ethiopia, to ensure that the remaining species are protected. Like many other African nations, Ethiopia has shown a steady commitment to sustainable tourism through its creation of a 10-year Sustainable Tourism Plan which covers the years 2015-2025. Aside from bringing awareness to the topic of environmental conservation, this plan also aims to alleviate poverty while simultaneously developing tourism infrastructure for the benefit of the people of Ethiopia.

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