Gabon, a country located in Central Africa, in the large Congo Basin, is a haven of peace. More than 75% of it is covered with forest and is embedded in the sea by 800km of beaches that display purity and wild beauty. Its thirteen national parks covering nearly 11% of its territory are real places of escape. Elephants on the beach, hippos surfing on waves, at sea, a ballet of humpback whales, the largest concentrations of mandrills, human traces dating back more than 400,000 years, the first site in the world for the laying of leatherback turtles, gorillas accustomed to human presence, rock domes overlooking the forest… We can say that Gabons national parks are unique places in the world in terms of their wealth of natural treasures. The landscapes offered by these sites are breathtaking. They are home to many animal and plant species. And the mix of experience makes them magical. Scientists consider the Gabonese forest to be one of the richest in number of species per unit area in all of tropical Africa with more than 6,000 plants. The fauna counts no less than 130 species of mammals including 19 species of primates while the elephant population is estimated at 60,000 individuals, one of the largest and most stable in Africa. The avifauna counts over 650 species of birds.
Gabon is also a very rich cultural diversity with more than 40 ethnic groups and a very hospitable people. Gabon has important rites including the famous rite of Bwiti.

Why travel to Gabon?

Impressive by its biodiversity, its culture and its quality of life, Gabon is an Ecotourism destination that combines both authentic encounters and unique experience! Venturing off the beaten track in a safe country while enjoying the tranquility of an almost virgin destination, that is Gabon’s particularity. The best way to visit Gabon is to go there during the dry season, especially between June and September. Visiting Gabon in the rainy season can be restrictive because there are chances of rain during safaris. However, it is during this period that the Gabon Falls are most beautiful. The vision of wildlife is better. Paradoxically, this is also the period when there is a lot of sun.

Commitment to sustainable tourism

Gabon is the ecotourism destination par excellence in Africa. The government advocates this type of tourism, which is also highly regulated within national parks. Whether in terms of the construction of lodges or the number of visitors on site, this policy makes it possible to control tourism and thus reduce its negative impacts as much as possible.

Some actors (NGOs, associations or companies) who have embarked on responsible and community tourism have succeeded in taking great actions such as: electrifying a village, creating jobs and empowering populations.

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