Nestled in the heart of East Africa, Kenya shares its borders with Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia, which places it at the heart of the region’s major influences. When we think of Kenya, we usually think of the great outdoors and the diversity of its fauna and its cultural and ethnic heritage. A mythical destination for nature lovers, Kenya welcomes you through its snow-capped mountains, its breathtaking landscapes, its wooded savannah and its fine sandy beaches bordered by the Indian Ocean. Many parks, lakes and reserves listed as World Heritage by UNESCO are essential stopovers to make your Kenya getaway unforgettable.
Country of legend, Kenya is a fabulous land of the animal world in freedom and is full of wild beauties, each more exceptional than the next. Kenya offers one of the greatest natural spectacles in the world during the annual Great Migration of hundreds of thousands of animals crossing the rolling grasslands and wooded savannah of the Masai Mara. This great migration brings together more than 1 million wildebeest and several hundred thousand zebras and antelopes, as well as a very large number of predators. The Masai Mara is part of one of the largest preserved ecosystems on the planet, covering 25,000 km2 including the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and the Serengeti.
Aside from visiting the national parks, make a stop in the heart of the Masai villages. Take the opportunity to meet the local population and discover their way of life in community.

Why travel to Kenya?

Kenya is a unique destination offering an extraordinary change of scenery with all the ingredients you need to make your trip exceptional. A wonderful diversity of wildlife and landscapes and a people of incredible hospitality await you on site.Kenya is a mythical destination for those who dream of safari and offers a special opportunity to discover the wild nature of Africa. Kenya presents striking landscapes with the vast countryside of the Great Rift Valley and Mount Kenya, the second highest peak in Africa. Lake Victoria, which is the second largest freshwater lake in the world and many other wonders await you in the country.
Also discover the coast, the beautiful island-city of Mombasa, the beaches of Watami or Malindi, and don’t forget a little gem: the peaceful Lamu archipelago.
Kenya offers a variety of experiences with atypical accommodation such as: private estates nestled in the heart of nature, guesthouses, bungalows, camps, eco-friendly straw huts camps managed by local communities.
When traveling to Kenya, don’t miss the incredible ethnic diversity that continues to fascinate ethnologists. Meet the Maasai people, and discover the traditions of this ethnic group, made up of herders and semi-nomadic warriors in the middle of the African bush.

Commitment to sustainable tourism

Kenya promotes responsible tourism practices within the tourism industry. This entails encouraging the adoption of best practices in the use of tourism resources, working with local communities and managing wastes and emissions.We are committed to respecting local customs and cultures, the environment in which we operate, the codes of parks and reserves regulating the safeguard and conservation of flora and fauna. We are committed to remunerating our employees and those involved in our travels in the most decent manner and to favour welcoming tourist structures that best benefit local communities and the conservation of flora and fauna.

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