Liberia is a country located in West Africa, bordered by Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Ivory Coast on the Atlantic coast. The capital city of Liberia, Monrovia is known for its exhibits on national culture and history displayed at the Liberia National Museum. Monrovia is surrounded by the beauty of palm-lined beaches like Silver and CeCe.The country is an unspoiled eco-tourist destination virgin with beach towns along the coast like the port of Buchanan and laid-back Robertsport which is known for its strong surf. It is famous for its beautiful Atlantic-coastal beaches and beach houses. These houses are now shaky as they carry a strong sense of the history of the First Liberian Civil War in the 1980s. Not forgetting its rainforests and thriving savannahs with stomping elephants, angelic tweeting birds, and screening monkeys that give a wild soundtrack. Liberia’s natural regions are teeming with unique splendor. It’s an immense coastal plain, 30 to 50 km wide, sandy, with golden beaches spreading to bar enclosed lagoons and mangrove swamps. Along the parallel regions lies Cape Mount, being the highest mountain in the country with about 1000 feet (305 meters) in the northwest.

Why travel to Liberia?

Liberia along with Guinea is the synthesis of Africa but Liberia stands out for its extraordinary beach activities. It’s four (4) popular destinations are:- Monrovia Beach with the Liberian National Museum that displays the exhibitions on national culture and history; – Gola Rainforest National Park which consists of Tawai Island with a protected rainforest, 12 square kilometers located on the Mao River in the Southern Province; – Sapo National Park is the country’s valuable tourism protected area because of its rainforest and a national park of 1,804km of land; – Robertsport is known for its best surfing spots, the waves in this part of the beach are most playful between March-October as they can be 20ft high.Liberia is also recognized for its historical ties with the United States during the pre-Civil War hence their flag carries a resemblance to the American flag. It is said to be the first African country to be freed by the Black slaves colonized by the British, Dutch, and Portugues traders. As in other West African nations, it’s always warm in Liberia, but the best time to travel for a tour is the dry season, from November to April, when the roads will be passable, and the weather fine for both big city exploration and off-the-beaten-track wildlife walks.

Commitment to sustainable tourism

The authorities are looking to promote sustainable tourism to benefit their people, culture, and also showcase their diverse country. There is a strong commitment to encourage equality among women and men in the country. Travellers that have visited Liberia took note of the huge potential for tourism, especially for ecotourism, cultural and natural trips to discover local wildlife but also surfing. The country has now taken a step forward in transforming the tourism sector by developing Liberia’s Export Strategy on Tourism 2016-2020.

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