Malawi, also known as The Warm Heart of Africa is situated in the Southern part of the African continent, surrounded by Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. While it is a landlocked country, Malawi is known for the spectacular freshwater lake that runs through its veins. It is arguably one of the most impressive lakes the Southern hemisphere has to offer as it is the third biggest lake on the continent. With freshwater lake comes plenty of charms including a splendid array of marine life and spectacular views.
Visiting Malawi will give you the impression that you have stepped into a little paradise, with its arrangement of palm trees and sandy beaches against a backdrop of azure skies and majestic mountains covered in luscious rainforest. Water sports like snorkelling are vastly common in the warm waters of Lake Malawi. Here, you are able to explore and get a good view of the coral reefs.If you are a diver, Lake Malawi should definitely appear on your bucket list. The lake also gives you an opportunity to go yachting from island to island and perhaps even visit the small fishing villages and coves that are inaccessible by road.In Malawi, you can go from a sunset cruise to a safari sunset overnight when you visit South Luangwa National Park and Liwonde National Park which is only three hours away from the lake. Your trip will not be interrupted by overcrowding as The Nyika Plateau is also another incredible option that offers plains to game view the famous Big Five, among other mammals such as the roan antelope.

Why travel to Malawi?

Malawi offers a wide range of bird and orchid species. It boasts 650 species of bird and 200 species of orchid. The country offers a chance to view the Fiery-necked Nightjar, the Pel’s Fishing Owl,the Bat Hawk,the White-backed Night Heron and the Palmnut Vulture, to name a few. Many of these species of birds are not found anywhere else in the world. What better conversation starter is there as a citizen of the world other than being able to say that you have truly witnessed a birdwatchers utopia ?If your version of a delightful experience is a wild rush of adrenalin, the Zomba Plateau which goes up to 2000 m offers you a chance at mountain biking, trekking, casual hikes and walking through the forests, alongside the streams.
There is something for everyone in Malawi. Your experience in this land will be a memorable one and you will be made to feel at home when the warm and friendly people of Malawi welcome you to The Warm Heart of Africa.

The best season to visit Malawi is the dry season – from mid April to November when the country parades its vibrant display of lush green pastures. For those hoping to catch a glimpse of the incredible game viewing experience, the end of the dry season in the months of October and November will be more suitable.

Commitment to sustainable tourism

Malawi’s commitment to sustainable tourism feeds the mouths of thousands of families and supports over 1 500 lives who benefit from the employment that is provided by the sustainable tourism industry. Apart from providing local employment, our partners possess the desire to ensure that in future, sustainable tourism is able to conserve the fragile ecosystems of Malawi including National Parks as well as the famous Lake Malawi and its coral reefs.

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