Mauritiana, a country on the Atlantic coast of Africa, welcomes you to its land of contrasts.Its landscape combinds desert and ocean. Its culture unites populations of the Arab-Amazigh (Berber) of North Africa and the African peoples in the region to the south of the Tropic of Cancer known as the Sudan. Ever so gracefully, the country gives you the perfect blend of romantic sunsets and mesmerising views. Be the first of many and to this land that has so much to offer is yet to be discovered.

Where the Atlantic Ocean and the Sahara desert meet, you will find one of the prettiest sights Mauritania has to offer. Visitors frequent the ocean in Banc d’Arguin National Park just to see the sand dunes that fold into the sea.It is also home to millions of birds. After you see this stunning location, be sure to stop by the local marchés to pick up a souvenir. At the tourist shops in Adrar, you can find anything from unique fabrics to silver jewelry, to wooden bowls accompanied by quaint tea pots and of course, fabrics which are tie-dyed by hand, mostly found in Kaedi.

Come for the market rendez-vous and stay for the survival story that Mauritiana has to tell. The Adrar massif features miles and miles of rocky terrain that is interrupted by narrow canyons. Here, you will find the Chinguetti, with architecture that has stood the test of time by remaining unchanged for nearly a millennium. The Chinguetti together with the remains of the Almoravid capital Azoughui, and rock paintings, gives history lovers a reason to hop on a 4×4 and assemble to revel in architectural galore.


Why travel to Mauritania?

mauritania Mauritania houses a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is iconic for its manuscript museum which rests in the crevices of Oualata, a city that revels in the glory of its colourful buildings that are often intricately designed to form geometric shapes.Mauritania is home to one of the longest trains in the world. With a length of over 2km and with over 200 containing 84 tonnes of iron ore each, the iron ore train is a sight for sore eyes.You never have to worry about overcrowding.With one of the world’s lowest population densities, Mauritania is nearly twice the size of France and more than double the size of California.The months of November to March, during Mauritania’s winter season , are the best time to visit as temperatures are comfortably warm.

Commitment to sustainable tourism

mauritaniaMauritania is considered one of the poorest countries in the world. The battle that continues to plague Mauritania’s economy is the high poverty rate. The poor living conditions have resulted in the lack of basic necessities with the majority of the population living below the poverty line. As a means of alleviating the situation, The Joint Programme was introduced in Mauritania as early as 2013, supported by seven UN agencies. The initiatives of the Programme involved decentralizing natural resource management and establishing field related activities to combat poverty.

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