Calling all lovers of life, lovers of culture, lovers of passion and lovers of adventure.For families, friends and foodies, this is the place for you. Morocco is an African gem. Home to stunning architecture, pristine beaches,delicious cuisine and the sweeping expanses of the Sahara desert. As you arrive in Morocco you are immediately propelled into a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours and this is merely a snippet of what this cradle of culture has to offer. Upon arrival, you are welcomed by the warm,friendly natured people of Morocco in the form of eager waves. You will be overtaken by the beauty of the country’s architecture. Being an Arab kingdom, the country is furnished with some of the most magnificent mosques with the more modest mosques appearing in the poorer towns. The intricate architecture in Morocco comes in the form of elegant mosaics, arching doorways and walls that are carefully sculpted using red clay.As you move away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you will have an intimate encounter with the Moroccan Sahara, Ouarzazate which is commonly referred to as the doorway to the desert. Venture into the Sahara for a pleasant camel trekking experience as you witness the golden sand dunes that brim the horizon. Rumour has it that the stars look particularly remarkable from here. Transcend into higher altitudes when you go hiking and horse riding on Morocco’s major rugged mountain ranges, the Rif Mountains and the Atlas Mountains. Here, you can become acquainted with the indegenous people as there are plenty of villages to stay in. When you feel completely toasted by the blazing heat, cool off at one of the several beaches Morocco has to offer.

Why travel to Morocco?

Morocco is the pinnacle of northern African tourism. Its unique features make it a desirable destination. This includes the famous Souks, which are the traditional Moroccan markets that sell local handicrafts in the form of handwoven rugs, jeweled gowns and shoes and painted ceramics. Oftentimes, you will also find products that are believed to have healing properties such as teas, herbs, oils, musical instruments and the famous giant mountains of colourful powdered dye. The creative assortment of colours that decorates these local markets will have your eye bouncing from one end of the room to the other. Aside from being a feast for the eyes, Morocco offers a wide variety of flavourful cuisine. Being at the hem of the Meditteranean sea, Morcocco’s cuisine is similar to that of Spain or Greece. Hobz, Msemen, and Baghrir bread types are a staple. Spices come in colourful heaps and you are bound to receive a generous serving of seafood. Common dishes include couscous and tagine and cactus fruit is a delicacy.

If you have a knack for travelling on a budget, Morocco will not disappoint. It offers different tourist experiences for different budgets and it is this affordability aspect that makes this worthwhile destination simply amazing.

Spring, mid-March to May or autumn, during the months of September and October are the best times to visit Morocco, when the weather is warm but not unbearable. The beaches, however, are an all year round treat.travelling on a budget, Morocco will not disappoint. It offers different tourist experiences for different budgets and it is this affordability aspect that makes this worthwhile destination simply amazing.

Commitment to sustainable tourism

Morocco offers up a vast variety of landscapes, ranging from beaches to mountains to desert to urban jungle. It is also a country where this diversity is matched by a real commitment to environmental principles. The enthusiasm for this destination began to take its toll on the country’s environment as well as the indigenous people. But Morocco seeks to take action to prevent harm from happening and is committed to responsible tourism.In addition to immersing yourself in the local lifestyle and traditions, you can explore Morocco’s distinctive natural beauty in a sustainable way. There are several tailor-made tours designed to protect the biodiversity of the country’s cities, mountains, deserts, plains, beaches and forests.

Since the creation of the Moroccan Responsible Tourism Charter and the Moroccan Sustainable Tourism Awards, the country has been committed to ensuring its tourism industry is eco-friendly and sustainable with a series of standards.
When it comes to Energy, Morocco is also a stand-out with its high-profile Noor Power Station, the world’s seventh thermodynamic solar power plant.

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