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“From its wild interior to its paradisiacal coast, sewn in white sand lace on the turquoise sheet of the Indian Ocean”. This country, still hardly known, will make you discover in an authentic way “the people of the smile” as Vasco de Gama had described it. Survivor of thirty years of war, Mozambique has laid down its arms and found its natural and warm smile. Facing Madagascar, its 2,500 kilometers of lacy coastline reveal incredible landscapes between land and sea.Be ready because Mozambique awaits you to experience strong emotions through a journey off the beaten track, between breathtaking landscapes, unique seabed, encounters of a heterogeneous culture thanks to its colonial history which mixes an Arab Muslim world, Indian and Portuguese-speaking. A trip suitable for travelers who thirst for adventure but also for humility!Mozambique is the ideal destination for traveling independently across the country. Thanks to your 4×4 you will be able to walk the roads and dunes in complete safety. If you are with your family with children or in a small group, don’t hesitate, Mozambique must be on your list of destinations to discover. Plus, it’s a great destination for honeymoons and wedding anniversaries. Heavenly, off the beaten track and accessible, it is very easy to combine Mozambique with other destinations such as South Africa or Victoria Falls.

Why travel to Mozambique?

Lovers of beaches and prints, grab your tickets, fly to Portuguese-speaking Africa.
Mozambique is the softness of the sand between your toes, the beaches as far as the eye can see, the magic of corals and its majesty the whale shark. Lovers of Portuguese singing, grilled fish on the plate and the shimmering colors of overcrowded markets. The folklore of the chapa which spins along the hunchbacked, glowing and endless tracks. The sun which beats, beats, beats, then sets, a little too early, in the turquoise sheets of the Indian Ocean. Lovers of paradisiacal islands, of sails which are hoisted up against the wind and give the sensation, so light, of sliding on transparent water. We like to surprise the turtles spinning at full speed, observe the playful dolphins and catch a glimpse of the whales rolling their bumps. Live to the rhythm of the tides which draw the horizon and sculpt the sandbanks. Sandbanks where sensual women wander, laden with fresh prawns on their heads. Then, rediscover the glow of Maputo, a changing capital, a capital which rarely sleeps and is lulled by the music of brass and percussion. Mozambique is all that!

Commitment to sustainable tourism

Being one of the ten poorest countries in the world, Mozambique is full of NGOs, each more diverse than the next, to welcome volunteers and professionals. Also having a unique marine biodiversity, these are the two forms of responsible tourism that can be exploited on site. In Mozambique, we have chosen to focus on responsible tourism at the human level. This is why we decided to work with associations that we know personally and for which we admire the projects. In this way, we know that the traveler can make a real difference, whether it is from a material or human point of view.

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