Welcome to the Republic of Namibia, an exceptional country which projects you into the heart of an unusual universe. Namibia offers one of the most beautiful spectacles of nature with its vast lunar spaces which unfold as far as the eye can see, its tormented coasts and its desert of large red sand dunes. While it is a huge country with an estimated area of 824,000km², it only has a population of 2,500,000 inhabitants. This country of pure serenity shows breathtaking landscapes. Namibia has dizzying canyons and is home to the 2nd largest Canyon in the world, the Fish River Canyon, after that of the United States and in front of South Africa’s Blyde River Canyon.

Located between two deserts, that of Namib considered to be the oldest desert in the world and that of the Kalahari with a semi-desert climate, Namibia combines superb activities that you exclusively discover on site. Namibia has 12 national parks and is teeming with unique wild animal life. It holds the largest population of cheetahs in the world.

Nestled on the Atlantic coast of Southern Africa, Namibia is an atypical destination, just like its people, the famous Bushmen and the legendary Himba. The history of the country is revealed to you through ancestral tribes and mysterious rock paintings.


Why travel to Namibia

To travel in Namibia is to go in search of something unique and authentic. How can you resist the generous nature and hospitality of its inhabitants? The fragility of its sites encourages travel organisers to collaborate in a sustainable and responsible manner. It also makes travelers aware of the importance of preserving the environment and the heritage they visit. Namibia is the perfect blend of wildlife and an authentic human encounter.

The country is accessible all year round and the best time to observe animals during safaris is from late April until mid-November, as a general indication. As everyone knows, first and foremost animals are wild and nothing can guarantee in advance the number of animals that may be seen on a safari. A sanctuary for wildlife, Namibia is renowned for the extraordinary wealth of its flora, but also and above all for its fauna, which has a system of adaptation to an often very hostile environment, including the most emblematic example of the Oryx.

Namibia reveals itself to those who want to discover it. Whether you are a couple, friends or family with children, Namibia will amaze you. Let the professionals of the destination guide you to organise a unique trip offering a total change of scenery.

Commitment to sustainable tourism

As one of the first African countries to incorporate environmental protection into its constitution, Namibia protects delicate desert ecosystems and endangered wildlife and also preserves important cultural traditions. Namibia is an intriguing and authentic destination for responsible travel and conservation. With an annual growing number of 1.7 million travelers to Namibia, its involvement in responsible tourism is vital for a positive impact on the environment, economy, culture and resources for sustainable tourism. Many exclusive trips are offered in Namibia, respecting the destination.

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