Seychelles, an earthly paradise known for its magical 115 tropical boulder-dotted islands in the Indian Ocean of East Africa is home to numerous white-sand beaches, coral reefs, nature reserves, and native birds. This microcontinent was found a few hundred years ago by a small landing party of English sailors. They sailed through the Mozambique channel down to Zanzibar and by accident landed in Seychelle, but glad they did and settled there. Seychellois are very talented people, they love to express themselves through music, poetry, and create delicious dishes. Seychelles is mostly lead by a young nation, facing inevitable challenges a small and isolated country is likely to face when struggling to keep up with the innovative outside world. They have a relaxed attitude to life that appeals to visitors who come to their islands to unwind and take a breather from the busy life they know of or rather used to.Apart from its beautiful white-sand beaches, Seychelles is also known for its exceptional tropical climate with warm winds throughout the year located outside the cyclone belt that earned them the nickname “the land of perpetual summer”. Due to its relief and climate, Seychelles has exceptional biodiversity in its fauna and flora by a high rate of endemism. Bird Island is one of the most visited Islands in Seychelles because of its birdlife, including sooty terns, fairy terns, and common noddies.

Why travel to Seychelles?

Seychelles just like Madagascar has impressive islands and is accessible to all. There are numerous activities to enjoy, from great outdoors to enjoying delicious local food and drinks.Apart from the beautiful blindingly white beaches and endemic species, two UNESCO World Heritage sites are found in this micro-continent, The Valle de Mai on Praslin Island located in the northeast of Seychelles and Aldabra Atoll in the southwest.

In this postcard setting, the Seychelles, a still unspoiled destination, is also a paradise for marine fauna. The Seychelles archipelago is partly classified as a natural park for the beauty of its aquatic landscapes and the richness of its marine fauna. Even if scuba diving is not the primary reason for your vacation in Seychelles, the sites are well worth a look. Throughout the dives, we discover exceptional sites, where faults mingle with granite formations, coral gardens and caves, all inhabited by extraordinary creatures. The cruise is the ideal way to go diving or snorkeling in unforgettable sites in Seychelles.

In Seychelles, Rum lovers’ visitors get to experience real island rum made at the Takamaka Rum Distillery on Mahe. A good serving of local drinks goes hand in hand with a breath-taking destination.

Commitment to sustainable tourism

Several action plans have been done in Seychelles to develop sustainable tourism. The importance of participating in a sustainable trip in Seychelles is to support and contribute to this responsible development.Our commitment is to work hand in hand with the main actors involved in responsible development and also involve local populations so that they can benefit from tourism and empower them as much as possible through our contribution through the responsible travel that Tmuntu Travel organize.

The Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation acts as a clearing house that deals full-time with sustainable tourism, that connects, collects, shares, lobbies, implements and raises funds for this endeavour and is the main focal point for all sustainable tourism matters in the country. Through its GSTC-criteria based action plan the SSTF will support a number of environmental and social sustainable tourism projects in the Seychelles, connecting different stakeholders, upscaling initiatives and pushing for sustainable change.

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