Located in West Africa, Sierra Leone is often referred to as a “rough diamond” country. It is said to be a rough diamond because of its many precious stones present in the country. It is a destination of exceptional natural beauty, with its exquisite rainforest, white-sand beaches, fascinating history, and culture.

Paradise beckons along a silky Atlantic coastline. Sierra Leone undoubtedly possesses some of Africa’s finest and most undeveloped beaches. The most remote destination of Sierra Leone, “Turtle Island” offers paradisiacal beaches and small local communities that still nowadays live totally isolated from the world. It is possible to travel there by private boat.

Another thing you will notice when visiting Sierra Leone is the smiling people and the relaxed vibe of its small nation, “Sweet Salone” as known by the locals because it is one of the friendliest countries in the African continent.

In 2006, a film Blood Diamond was shot in Sierra Leone with Leanardo DiCaprio as the lead star. This movie gave the country a new emerging picture, gradually receding from its negative reputation and tracking back travelers to their corner to rediscover the country’s many charms.


Why travel to Sierra Leone?
Sierra Leone is a perfect destination for travelers who want to delve into the colonization of the African continent by the British. This country carries a strong history of the civil war and slave-trade past which has been the reason behind 100 000 tourists a year shortly after the peacekeeping forces finally brought the civil war conflict to an end in January 2002.The climate is tropical and humid all year, with a rainy season between May and November. If you are a nature lover and looking to explore the wildlife activities, it is best advised to visit Sierra Leone during their rainy season as it is its peak for wildlife adventures, from hippos, forest elephants, and chimpanzees to plentiful birds and insects.Now completely Ebola-free, Sierra Leone is putting its troubles behind it and looking to develop a better future for both its people and wildlife. This country has been through a very rough patch and travelers sympathize with its people by visiting it to discover its beautiful history and culture.

Commitment to sustainable tourism
In Sierra Leone, the goal is to make responsible tourism a real tool for promotion and local development Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, meeting the needs of visitors, professionals, the environment, and communities. Enjoy staying in rural villages where you can live a simple and authentic experience. With very little contact with the outside world, you will experience Sierra Leone through its people and ancient traditions. Sleeping in a traditional house, eating local food will make you discover and share their daily life.Our commitment is to help restore sustainable tourism in this country and exchange between visitors and those visited to bring people together in order to contribute to the community development.

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