Somalia is located in the easternmost part of the Horn of Africa. Bordered by Djibouti to the north, Ethiopia to the west and Kenya to the south, its coasts are bathed by the Indian Ocean and have the longest coastline on the African continent.

Somalia has diverse landscapes of mountains, deserts, tropical rainforests, unfamiliar beaches and coral reefs. The sumptuous white sand beaches with offshore coral reefs await the adventurous divers. The exotic beaches of Liido and Gezira are located near Mogadishu. The port of Merca, south of Mogadishu, offers very beautiful architecture in the Arab style.

Somalia has unique local flora including its legendary frankincense tree.
It is the first dromedary breeder in the world so do not be surprised to see them frequently.

Previously, Somalia was renowned for its many historical sites, especially for its architectural remains dating from the time of colonisation.


Why travel to Somalia?
The country is home to the beautiful Laas Geel cave formations with some of the earliest cave paintings in Africa; Lag Badana National Park on Somalia’s southern coast, and Mount Shimbiris (the highest peak of Somaliland). The Bakaraa market in Mogadishu is the largest open market in the country. It is the heart of Mogadishu and one can go shopping there.
The best time to go to Somalia is winter, during the dry season, and more particularly from November to February when temperatures will be less scorching.
Today, Somalia still remains an unstable destination. When Somalia decides to disclose its borders again, there are great sites one could visit. Mogadishu is a beautiful beam of hope.

Commitment to sustainable tourism
The Federal Government in alignment with the MInistry of Tourism governs tourism in Somalia. Unfortunately after the desolate effect of the civil war in the early 1990’s, the Tourism Ministry terminated its operations. It has been speculated that there is a need to build more flourishing tourism industry ventures in the country.Eco-tourism has been spotted as one of the aspects where visitors can be encouraged to explore ancient caves, exotic beaches and mountains and phenomenal landscapes in the country. The tourism sector has also been speculated to have immense potential for foreign and domestic investors. The Diaspora Tourists long to visit places in Somalia which they have never familiarised themselves with. Great efforts are needed towards the promotion of Somali tourism.

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