South Africa, being the second largest country on the continent, is home to a wide variety of environments and landscapes to suit the needs of any traveller. Being two times the size of France, it boasts luscious landscapes right next to lively and vibrant cities bringing together the wonderfully varied people in a beautiful package of authenticity and charm. The beauty contained within South Africa is unmatched. Nine world heritage sites cascading from the mountaintops of God’s window to the crown jewel of the cape, Table mountain. Table mountain is not the only mountain top that attracts wonder. The Drakensberg mountain located within the heritage site of the Drakensberg Park spans the borders of three provinces and provides access to the Drakensberg Amphitheatre, which is considered one of the most impressive cliff faces on Earth. If high tops are not for you than the savannah lands and safaris provide just as much excitement with ample opportunities to view big game. Being able to witness wildlife in the flesh on such a personal level is a unique experience only found in South Africa. The Kruger national park in particular is home to all of South Africa’s iconic safari species and is regarded as the best place to view leopards in their natural habitat. For those wanting a taste of South Africa, it is home to many wine farms and vineyards that would satisfy that craving. South Africans have been making wine for over 300 years and it would only serve you right to have a taste of the delectable variants on offer. There is a wine for everyone and you would be hard pressed to find better wine elsewhere besides the cape. Wine farms extending as far as the eye can see are for the most part, open for visitors to come and experience a wine tasting like no other.

Why travel to South Africa?
Between tradition and modernity, what is described as “One world in one country” is full of unique diversity. If South Africa allows a gentle African immersion, it allows travelers to find what they are looking for. Lovers of thrills, safaris, good wines, hiking or even ancestral traditions, South Africa is undoubtedly one of the only destinations in Africa where you can do all these activities. No tour of a country is complete without an interaction with its local populace and South Africa is no different. Having earned the title of ‘Rainbow nation’ after years of strife, the country is nothing less than a celebration of its diversity. It is home to eleven official languages and just as many, if not more, cultures. This diversity is transcribed throughout the country through its different provinces. With one of the most popular music scenes on the continent, it offers you the chance to engage with the locals while indulging in an exhilarating lifestyle of fun and adventure. South Africa boasts the Big Five of the savannah as well as the Marine Big Five. Very few places on Earth can claim to have both. It is no wonder the phrase from “Cape to Cairo” is so ubiquitous. Influenced by altitude and moderated by the ocean on three sides of the country, South Africa enjoys a favorable climate that allows travellers to visit South Africa all the year around. The best time to travel anywhere in the country with the freedom to do several activities would be between October and April. However, for activities like viewing big game, the months of May to September offer terrific conditions

Commitment to sustainable tourism
South Africa has recently ushered in a new era of sustainable tourism. With tourism being one of the biggest economic contributors, South Africa, like many other african countries, has committed itself to taking steps towards progressing in the field of sustainable tourism. Over the past decade, there has been an increase in the number of organisations that are setting fair standards and practicing responsible tourism and are considering it a necessity. Companies are approaching the subject with a unified vision of facilitating economic growth, skill development and job creation. Other objectives they aim to implement are targeted towards improving the country’s national parks and nature reserves as well as ensuring that the integrity of the local environment is maintained.

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