Tanzania is one of the preferred travel destinations for safari enthusiasts. Its vast wild spaces make it a favourite spot for observing wildlife in its natural environment. It is true that the presence of the famous Big 5 is a great interest to travellers. But one of Tanzania’s best sights is undoubtedly the migration of wildebeest and zebras. This annual event is one of the largest animal migrations in the world.

We cannot talk about Tanzania without talking about Kilimanjaro. Africa’s largest mountain rises to an altitude of 5,895 meters. Mountain challenged by the Maasai, Kilimanjaro is a must for lovers of hiking and mythical climbs. There are several possible ways to reach it.

For a combined Tanzania – Zanzibar or a full-fledged stay, immerse yourself in the heart of the thrilling history of Zanzibar Island through its Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Known around the world for its fine sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, Zanzibar is a true corner of paradise for lovers of diving and water sports. Also famous for its spices, you walk through its alleys and colorful markets with spicy scents.

Why travel to Tanzania?
Travelling in Tanzania allows you to discover another side of Africa and enjoy a total change of scenery. Whether it’s in the middle of the savannah or alone at the end of the world by a beach, these destinations are definitely worth a visit. There is a touch of nature, culture, adventure and relaxation. And to spice things up, interacting with the locals and discovering unexpected sites makes a trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar unforgettable. The destination is accessible to everyone and all year round. The best period to discover it depends mainly on the activities you plan to do on site but it is interesting to favor the dry season, from June to the end of October and from mid-December to March, to take advantage of the good weather. Do not hesitate to ask us for advice, we will be able to guide you as best as possible according to your desires.

Commitment to sustainable tourism

Tanzania and Zanzibar encourage and promote more sustainable tourism within their countries. The aim is to protect and care for the diverse cultures in Tanzania and Zanzibar, as well as their natural environment, while maximizing commercial and economic sustainability. In Tanzania and Zanzibar, tourism stakeholders and local communities are committed to provide respectful tourism to its visitors. Around Kilimanjaro, certain responsible projects have been set up to better manage social and environmental aspects. One can cite for example the project of KPAP (Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project) whose aim is to support the Fair and Ethical Treatment of Kilimanjaro Porters.

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