Nestled between Ghana and Benin, Togo is one of the smallest countries in Africa.
But as they say, anything small is cute! The one nicknamed “Africa’s Little Switzerland” has nothing to envy of its neighbors. And for good reason, it abounds in an incredible diversity despite its small size.Like many African countries, Togo is home to a variety of peoples, cultures and traditions. Thus, thanks to its ethnic mix and its hospitality, Togo shows a peaceful facet much appreciated by travelers who always feel welcome in the country.
In addition to its human warmth, Togo offers landscapes rich in biodiversity. From the seaside with its coconut palms and lagoons, to the green mountains, through the wooded savannah and small rural villages, Togo does not leave you indifferent.

Why travel to Togo?

Have you ever thought of visiting Togo to watch whales? The best time to visit Togo is from November to March, when the temperatures are the most pleasant. To visit the south (where the capital Lomé and Lake Togo are located), travelling from mid-June to mid-September can also be a good time; generally this area experiences a period of drought during the rainy season.

Commitment to sustainable tourism

Faced with the challenges of development and globalization and in view of the current context of Togolese realities, tourism is one of the important sectors of economic and cultural activities.In view of the advantages offered by the country’s biodiversity and cultural diversity, the authorities opt for the promotion of diversified tourism that is respectful of the environment and the quality of life and cultures, guaranteeing economic growth.
This vision of Togo’s tourism development fuels the ambition to optimize the sustainable exploitation of potential for the benefit of populations and visitors in order to raise their level of culture, both individual and collective, and to promote economic growth.

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