At the northernmost part of the African continent is the Republic of Tunisia which lies on the Mediterranean coast between the Atlantic Ocean and the Nile Delta . It carries with it all the trademarks of North Africa including palm fringed sandy beaches, expanses of golden sand dunes of the Sahara,establishments of deep historical importance with cities that stand proudly on century-old buildings and the oh-so soulful Mediterranean cuisine. A trip to Tunisia can be especially rewarding when combined with a journey through the North African gems of Egypt and Morocco. Come along, your journey awaits.
Camp under the starry skies of Tunisia in the famous Sahara Desert. While the Sahara Desert is a hallmark of North Africa, its presence in Tunisia is particularly outstanding because of the remarkable troglodyte dwellings in the Berber village of the Matmata area with the quaint underground houses as well as the stone castle from the Small Fort of the Kasbah of El Kef and fortified granaries that were carved into the desert mountains centuries ago with the Ksar Ouled Soltaine being the most notable.Tunisia is blessed with the best of both worlds. If you prefer seaside lounging instead of camel back riding, visit the stunning Mediterranean beaches where you can swim your days away. With coastlines that stretch over 1,000km, you are only one stroll away from an exclusive beach experience that will leave you in awe.

Why travel to Tunisia?

In Tunisia, you will find the Bardo National Museum, which is one of the best museums in North Africa. The Romain mosaic pieces and elaborate decorated ceilings that are reminiscent of an Ottoman style are examples of why the museum has gained international recognition. The museum is not the only evidence for Tunisia’s ancestral architectural prowess. The UNESCO listed amphitheater El Jem, built around 238 AD is considered the world’s third-largest amphitheatre with an estimated capacity of 35.000 spectators.For Star Wars fans, the enchanting troglodyte dwellings are a must-see as they were featured in the movie as homes on the planet of Tatooine.Tunisia is considered the place where you will find some of the best shrimp you have ever had. This is hardly surprising as the country’s cuisine is Meditarranean with Turkish and French roots. Couscous is the staple dish. Expect to receive a generous serving of grilled fish that is known as ‘poisson complet.’ This delicious assortment of seafood will leave your taste buds dancing to an African rhythm.The best time to visit Tunisia is between the months of April and May if you are simply sightseeing and September and October if you would like to enjoy sunny seasides. However, water activities run from May until October, during the warmest months when the sea gets as warm as 28°C. For those die-hard Star Wars fans, the troglodyte dwellings are pleasantly cool in summer and comfortably warm in winter.

Commitment to sustainable tourism

Faced with the challenges of development and globalization and in view of the current context of Togolese realities, tourism is one of the important sectors of economic and cultural activities.In view of the advantages offered by the country’s biodiversity and cultural diversity, the authorities opt for the promotion of diversified tourism that is respectful of the environment and the quality of life and cultures, guaranteeing economic growth.
According to One Planet Network, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has reported that close to 600,000 tonnes of plastic is dumped into the Mediterranean Sea each year costing the Tunisian economy $20million due to the impact on tourism, fishing and navigation. The UK-Tunisia Sustainable Tourism charter has been established to counter issues of this nature as the charter aims to reinforce a tourism industry that is more sustainable and environmentally friendly. To prove useful, the charter directs its attention towards projects that show tangible results such as the discontinuation of plastic cups and plastic cutlery in hotels since 2020 and the use of plastic drinking straws since 2019.

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