The Bas Ogooué is one of the largest wetlands encompassing a vast expanse of the Ogooué River, the adjacent lakes and the surrounding flooded forest. The area is an important habitat for forest elephants, gorillas, giant pangolins, African manatees, red-headed mangabeys, African dwarf crocodiles and other endemic species. The rivers are home to large populations of migratory fish as well as native species. Bas Ogooué is an important hub for people coming by boat and car from the surrounding communities with some of the largest fish and bushmeat markets in the country.

Lake Oguemoué is part of Bas Ogooué. It is home to a few islands, including Nengué Togolo Island or Piment Island. In order to protect this lake, the forest and some emblematic species of Gabon such as the manatee, the hippopotamus and many others, an ecotourism site has been developed to create a source of income for local residents, while protecting biodiversity: Tsam Tsam.

Each trip to Gabon helps protect biodiversity and ecosystem services for future generations, foster environmental awareness in local communities and help people in the Lake Bas Ogooué region generate income through the sustainable use of resources.

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