There are many tourist sites in the West region. The first tourist destination in the Ivory Coast is no longer exploited and therefore inaccessible since the crisis. The inhabitants of this region do not want to see their territories denatured by tourism, and on the other hand, they do not have the financial means necessary for the rehabilitation of the sites.
This is the reason why the local ecotourism association makes local communities aware of sustainable development to promote the preservation of their natural and cultural environment. Local communities are automatically consulted before the launch of a project and used for the rehabilitation of sites as well as the reception of visitors. They are fully integrated into the project.
The Sogalé site is made up of a two-hectare natural site in the forest and a cave with a natural spring, called a “mystical source” by the local population.
The site is very attractive for its natural and historical aspect. An eco-lodge project is therefore under construction and aims to preserve the cultural heritage of the village of Sogalé and the surrounding villages. This project also helps generate direct and indirect jobs.

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