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CULTUREPEDIA Cards offers a collection of playful, creative and educational CARD GAMES to perpe- tuate and transmit the African cultural heritage ”.
Through these cards, you can Play, Learn, reclaim Africa’s cultural heritage, or discover the richness and cultural diversity of the continent.

The NDOP collection, inspired by the cultural diversity of the GRASSFIELDS peoples of CAMEROON, is the first creation in a series of personalized card games of a cultural nature. Culturepedia’s will is to promote the richness and cultural diversity of African countries, by highlighting artistic creations like fabrics, and ori- ginal traditional cultures of Africa.

The card pack contains a total of 55 cards:
- 1 explanatory card, which presents the African fabric used in the background of the cards

- 54 standard cards used for the game.

The contents of the playing cards are very particular. All known figurines from classic card games have been deleted, and replaced by African cultural images and symbols, and explanatory and descriptive texts.
Do you know the symbolism of the Kola nut in Africa? the use of the jujube or the tree of peace? the meaning of the symbols present on the famous cultural fabric of the peoples of Africa?

Our games will give you all the cultural secrets of the peoples of Africa.

Play, have fun, discover and pass this knowledge down from generation to generation.

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