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With the game Wari Wari no matter where we come from, a dive in the heart of Africa, from the spice markets and its flavours, the laughter of the children, the thousand and one smells, the ambient music, the good mood and the warm welcome of the villages, Africa has never been so close. It is this economic, traditional and cultural African heritage that you will share with your family during a game.

Wari Wari the game is fun, entertaining and intergenerational and will quickly get you hooked!

Throw your dice and move your Korys on the squares of the board. A good draw and you get the kitty of the tontine (common pot) and receive a maximum of Korys.

You make a bad draw and it’s a tragedy for your wallet: a cousin you don’t know appears from nowhere and announces the baptism of his son, this funny surprise will cost you 500 Korys. The game is full of twists and turns: one wrong answer to a question and

you have to backtrack two cases. A very aesthetic and intuitive game, with an elegant board in modern colours deco- rated in black and 6 pieces symbolised by Korys.

This game is designed for two to six players, and consists of immersing yourself in daily life in Africa while managing your portfolio of Korys.

The game exists in a French version only

Recommanded age : + 8 years

Average playing time : 45 min
Include : stable, non-slip Premium game board,rules, 6 counters, tickets,a deck of 100 question cards and 20 surprise cards.

Package information : Weight 1.1 / Size 28x28x7

Delivery times :

France : 2 days

Rest of the world : 2 to 6 days

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