Congo DRC Practical Information


Access to the DRC requires a visa obtained on a passport valid at least 12 months after the end of the trip.

Two Visa solutions:
You do one of the activities (gorillas and or Nyiragongo volcano) of the Virunga or Kahuzi Biega Park (gorillas) and we obtain your visa for $ 105 by the simple introduction of a document that we will give to clients and that they will have to fill in as soon as they have booked their trip. We take care of everything. This visa is only valid for a maximum of 14 days from your date of entry. Consult your agent for more information.
* Without visiting these activities and for the rest of the DRC, the tourist visa can be obtained in about four weeks at the DRC embassy of the country where you reside. We provide the invitation letter for our travelers. Some embassies require other chargeable documents which can be obtained from the Congolese authorities. It is essential to contact the relevant embassy well in advance as these formalities can take time.


It is imperative that the traveler goes to his doctor to see with him what vaccines are necessary before such a trip.
The vaccine against yellow fever is compulsory to enter the DRC. This vaccine, once inoculated, does not need to be repeated. It must be clearly indicated in your notebook!
Although the area is located at an altitude of 1500 m and is not infested with mosquitoes, preventive treatment against malaria is strongly recommended. The usual vaccines against hepatitis A, B, typhoid fever, tetanus are also recommended. Consult your doctor.
A vaccination record will be given to you to prove that you have taken these vaccines. It must be attached to the passport and taken with you on your trip.

Following the global pandemic, Covid measures and tests can be applied from your country of origin and in your country of destination. Please consult your Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Driving License

Local and international driving licenses are required.
However, it is highly recommended to travel with a local driver.

Jet lag

The country spans 2 time zones. The western half of the country, including the capital, Kinshasa, operates a Standard Time that is 1 hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+1). The eastern half of the country, including Lubumbashi, operates a Standard Time that is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+2).


The local currency is the Congolese franc, but US dollars are widely used.
1 Dollar (USD) = 555.60 CFA
1 Euro (€) = 656.42 CFA

Have cash in all the different denominations dated 2010 or later (important). $ 1 or $ 2 bills are not accepted. With the help of your driver / guide you can change dollars into local currency for tips.

The use of the credit card is not yet widespread in Kivu despite the presence of a few ATMs in Goma, Bukavu and Kinshasa.

220 Volts; 50 Hz

Depending on your country of origin, it is recommended to travel with an adapter. More info here.


The official language is French but the country has four national languages:
KIKONGO spoken mainly in Kongo-Central,
TSHILUBA in the center
KISWAHILI spoken in the east, in Lubumbashi and Kisangani
LINGALA coming from the equator and spoken in Kinshasa and elsewhere because mainly used by the army and musicians.

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