Located in West Africa and landlocked within Senegal, The Gambia is one of Africa’s smallest countries but unlike any other on the continent. Mainly known for its sunny Atlantic coast, its coastline of 70 kilometers of white sand beaches is already a good reason to choose The Gambia for your vacation.

One of the other major assets of the destination is the Gambia River. Vital artery of The Gambia, it crosses the country in its entire length and allows essential activities such as cruising. The Gambia is known for its diverse ecosystems around the center of the Gambia River. The abundant wildlife in its Kiang West National Park and Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve includes monkeys, hippos, crocodiles, and rare birds.

The Gambia also has generous people who welcome you to their land as a privileged guest and not as a simple tourist. Discover the culture and traditions of the many ethnic groups present on site. The one nicknamed “the smile in Teranga” will delight you with her legendary stories to the frenzied rhythm of Djembes and Balafons. Haggle in the colorful Banjul Market and share unique moments with the locals.

If you are looking for a 100% exotic destination then The Gambia is the ideal choice.

Why travel to Gambia ?

Traveling in The Gambia means choosing to travel far from the crowds, to go beyond certain clichés and to step out of your comfort zone. Africa is the great outdoors, impressive fauna and emblematic flora. Africa is also and above all a human warmth that you will discover in each country. During your trip to Gambia, we offer you to live an authentic experience by immersing yourself completely with the Gambian population. Immerse yourself in the heart of a 100% local journey.

The Gambia is a destination for lovers of nature and history, and for travelers seeking a memorable experience through true immersion with a warm and caring local population.

Thanks to its geographical position, the weather in The Gambia is always warm. The best time to visit The Gambia depends mostly on your interests for that trip. The long dry season from October to early June remains however ideal for traveling with pleasant temperatures everywhere and allowing the discovery of fauna and beaches. The roads are also more accessible during this period.

Commitment to sustainable tourism

The Gambia is an unspoiled destination for mass tourism. We can thus offer real authentic experiences and contribute to sustainable local development. Our goal is to offer travelers exclusive stops with the local population to discover the destination as it really is and allow them to participate in a trip that makes sense. Our partners are also committed to responsible tourism and are involved with many local players to offer you a trip full of flavors.
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