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As part of the development of an ecological project on Lake Kariba, we are financing biogas which uses organic waste to generate cooking gas. It uses fresh cow dung and water to generate cooking gas. This biogas provides 80% of the cooking gas. The byproduct is used as manure in their gardens. This lessens or stops the use of firewood as a source of energy. We encourage the local population to take a responsible and sustainable approach by stopping the cutting of trees for firewood to save trees. In the same area, people around have got many cattle and the cow dung is going to waste. The used cow dung (from the biogas) can still be used for their fields or gardens thereby eliminating the use of artificial fertilizers that pollutes our soils and rivers.

In the near future, the aim is to build bigger biogas tanks in villages. The extra gas can be harvested and sold to nearby towns. This will also make people in towns stop using charcoal as an alternative source of energy. Thus each traveller contributes to the ecological development of this project. Travel in Zambia to contribute to this ecological development project too.

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